Friday, 29 March 2013

Brown Creeper, Waxwings, Merlin Sunday morning coming down (20130324)

Our Sunday morning walk started with a scurry, as a trio of Brown Creeper's were spotted in the parking lot area of our meeting place. In spite of decent light these little rascals are very difficult to get a good shot of.
The walking was tricky, as soon as we arrived at the river, a mature male Northern Goshawk swung by attempting to grab another bird, we could't tell for certain whether or not it was successful. There was a mature Bald Eagle was sitting on the other side of the river.
There were flocks of Bohemian Waxwings flying over us all during our track, the totals was definitely in the 1000's. Here is a shot of just a few resting up on a tree.
American Robins made their presence known, so we know spring has arrived here in the great white north.
This has been a great year for Crossbills this year and we managed to find a couple today.
With thousands of Waxwings floating around and the many other species in the area, we added a Merlin to our predator list.
We wound our way through a series of neighbourhoods, each with their own unique reputations, we were able to spot Wood Ducks, Mallards and Canada Geese, with ease. Both Hairy and Downy woodpeckers were spotted, and as in most urban environments here the House Sparrow is a common sight.
As we returned to the parking lot the Creeper's had been replaced with Flickers, with one pounding his head merrily on the top of a metal light standard, in order to "announce his presence with authority".
Have a super week everyone.

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