Monday, 4 March 2013

Buffleheads, Burrowing Owl, Great Blue Heron Kalifornia Day 2 Part 3 (20130302) with a surprize!

What can I tell you other than I am enjoying myself tremendously. The early part fo the trip hasb been a joy with many "first time" birds for me. I think the 'birder" community refers to them as "lifer's". Ant this post will be no different from my perspective.  Sorry for dragging this post on so long, but with these great opportunities I gotta take the shotsJ It is already spring here and we are still several weeks away in Alberta.
There were Coots and Buffleheads, here is one, just as it starts its dive.
Here he is after he “popped” back up.
I love the iridescence clouring of their heads.  Up the hill we found a Heron Rookery where there were several pairs of Great Blue’s were getting their nests together. The tall palms make an ideal platform for their large nests.
Here is one on the wing as it heads out for more nesting materials.
Up the trail while shooting some American Avocet’s we spotted this California Rabbit. He is stretching out here before heading to the shade of a nearby bush. This was the first of almost 10 that we found on our walk.
Here is a shot of a different Rabbit, at one time we had three in sight at once.
Next was this view of four Black Crowned Night Heron's, up north we are lucky to see one or two at time, and here are four very cooperative birds.
And what is life without a few flowers, even if they are Cactus!
Wee added a Western Meadow Lark and another new bird for me-- the Lesser Goldfinch, to almost cap off the walk. The finishing touch was this Burrowing Owl. I could have stayed there a long time taking images but here are just a couple.
And I threw this one is as you can see a rabbit in the background behind the owl.  This was a real treat, these owls have been on my list, and this year I was going to take a special trip to find them. I guess I can cross them off the list, although I expect that I will be back here soon for more photos. (Amy let me know if you would like to go over and see them).
Well that wraps up Day 2, whew!  I will be taking a day or two off, we are off to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor tomorrow.  Have a GREAT wildlife week!

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