Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Harrier, Bobcat, Towhee, Thrush, Scrub Jay Morro Bay (20130306) California Day 7

We decided to head up to Morro Bay for a couple of days as the kids had to work and we thought that they could use a break. So we drove up on the 5th and we decided to get out and take a little ride up the coast to see what the area had to offer. We stopped in at the Hearst estate and took a tour. As we explored the  the outside and found a tremendous view and a stunning property. I am waiting for permission from the property to publish my bird photo's, once I get permission, I will add a supplemental entry, it would include 2 new birds, an Acorn Woodpecker and a Scrub Jay. How about we start the day with a Northern Harrier?
Just north of the castle we found these Brewer's Blackbirds where the Elephant Seals hang out on the Beach (no crop:).
I did mention that we saw Elephant Seals? Here is big daddy with several of his lady friends.
The ladies are a little more adorable than the big bruisers. Nothing like an aggravating itch...
While we were traveling up to Carmel to see if Clint was up for company, we hit the sighting of the trip, as far as I am concerned. Deb was driving and I spotted this fella over in the field, a California Bobcat!
He was a long way off so I am happy with any shots that provide the required "evidence" that we did manage to see one of these beautiful cats. My first trip to California and this sealed the deal that I will be back to get even better shots.
With the permission received from Hearst Castle (see Comments) I will add the few bird shots I took while there. Here is an Oregon coloured Dark Eyed Junco. He was in a very dark area of the yard.
I got to show Deb her first Spotted Towhee when I found this fella in the base of the shrubs rustling up some grubs:)
I got a quick shot off at this HermitThrush under the shrubs, they were pretty dark. It is a pretty bad image, but "evidence".

This is a shot of an Acorn Woodpecker (a first for me) and you can see from the skyline that the overcast ceiling provided very poor lighting.
Here is my first shot of a Western Scrub Jay. This is another bird that I would like to get some better images of when I return to this great state.
And to finish up the post I will include a back shot of this Stellar's Jay another bird with beautiful colour.
 I'm glad I was able to get these posted. I hope everyone has a great Wildlife week!

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  1. Dear Paul, thank you for writing, sounds like a very interesting blog.
    Please acknowledge that the images used on the blog, taken at Hearst Castle, that Hearst Castle/California State Parks has given permission for their posting.

    Hoyt Fields
    Museum Director
    Hearst Castle