Thursday, 14 March 2013

GBH, Egrets, Pintail Return to Bolsa Chica (20130308) Part 1

After trying to do some camera investigation at an electronic store I left the girls to do some more shopping and I headed back to Bolsa Chica where Neil and I had great success the previous week.I had a lot of anticipation as I would be in "owl" country again. Walking to over the Burrower's I grabbed this shot of the "great" hunter. I actually watched while he caught small fish and fed.
Almost to the Owls Burrow, I spied this guy and loved the backlit veins of his ears.
The owls were not "out and about" so I continued to search for some gems. I was shocked when I was able to "spot" this next capture. This is a first for me, I have only seen one other Hummer nest. (minimal crop)
In the right light, these California Towhee's have won over my heart. As a larger bird, they seem to be plentiful, approachable and colourful. What else could a guy ask for?
 At the heron rookery, things were heating up. There were more pairs than last week. I grabbed this shot of two "nester's" clacking beaks, I love how their black crown feathers are standing up!
I found these two doing "Monkey see, Monkey do" :)
Here is a decent shot of a GBH. It was just hanging out in the area where we found the Snowy Egrets last week.
Oh, yeah, the Snowy's were there too. You can see that it was a little breezy today.
In a different area I found this Snowy, I think that this is the best portrait of these birds I got all trip.
There were Pintails, Buffleheads, Piedbilled Grebes, and Mergansers but this was my best opportunity to grab a Ring Necked Duck so far in my "career".
That brings us to about the halfway mark of this little walk. I will finish it up with another post. I have to say I am learning to love the California sun when it out and providing great light like this. I could shoot all day.

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