Sunday, 31 March 2013

Springtime brings Bluebirds out at the Ranch (20130328)

It has been months since we have been out to the Ranch, those Snowy's and Great Greys are just too seductive. I had also heard that my favourite Grey moose had been seen in the area, so I had to get out there. Oh, and by the way, the Bluebirds should be back :)
Jamie and I were out on time and headed in to the same spot that I have watched this moose for the past 4 years, we find her with her calf from last year.
It was an almost full moon setting right over the area we were going to walk for the first time ever. Moon, Mountains, new ground, what else could anyone ask for.
We found this Roughie, the second or third of the day.
At the back end of the Sheep River we found elk, and two different groups of male Rocky Mountain sheep. They are a long way off, so we decided to wait to see if the light will be better, and if they will hang around until this afternoon.  On the way out we found our third moose of the day, a nice looking bull that has wintered well.  The Blue birds were active and cooperative.
This handsome fella already had his digs picked out and was just waiting to find the right lady friend to share his abode with him.
Although there will be a Bluebird specific trip in a couple of weeks (when the ladies are around) I couldn't resist throwing in another of the beautiful birds. While we were shooting this guy Freeman, stopped by to chat, and we exchanged information. He leases land right on the river and has provide permission for me to go in and take photo's.  Thank you Freeman!
We did a nice 3 hour hike on new territory where we believe we found an Northern Hawk Owl, we will have to go back and confirm. Eagles, Grey Jays, and even a male Northern Harrier were spotted. we headed back to the riven and there were still a few sheep on the hillside. They are well over a mile away so we had time to set up the tripod and I threw the TC2.0 on and thought that this might be a decent shot considering all the conditions :)
I am throwing in this shot of this Coyote, it was a long way off, but this one looks like she is about to drop her pups. Do you think the "she's got the belly"?
Jamie might have grabbed a couple of shots of a Northern Shrike, and one of two foxes that we found today. If he sends me something, I will likely add them to this post.
Have a GREAT wildlife day!
As promised here are a couple of shots from Jamie!
First up, our first fox of the day!
And a mature Northern Shrike.


  1. Thanks, I thought the crop with the mountains did a nice job.