Monday, 7 April 2014

Coyote, Nuthatches, Junco (20140406) First Sunday walk of the spring.

Well here is it again, a spring season of FFCPP on Sunday mornings. I owe a big "thank you" to Bob for letting me know about this Coyote as he pulled into the parking lot.
I got to position myself before this unit was aware of my presence.  Bob had said it had a mouse when he first saw it. This Coyote was still hunting! Finally it saw me and headed off. There was actually a second Coyote but I didn't get any images of the two of them together.
As we headed into the Spruces we were able to find a couple of Redbreasted Nuthatches. This shot of a female was taken in pretty tough light conditions.
Down the trail we were able to find the cousin-- a Whitebreasted that provided a photo opportunity.
Down by the river there were a lot of ducks and geese, but these mallards resting on the grass caught my attention.
On the final stage of our walk this Darkeyed Junco popped up and provided me my finest image yet of one of these beautiful little bug eaters.
Lastly we were provided an opportunity to shoot this Richardson Groundsquirrel. His live will be constantly in jeopardy for the rest of the spring and summer.
When I gotr home the House Sparrows were at the neighbour's feeder. I thought I would grab a quick shot, and I was pleased with the result.
Overall a great day. Spring time has me full of optimism for more great shots to come. Drop on by and we get get some shots together.

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