Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ruffed Grouse, Moose, Downy (20140419) Sorry folks I have Grizzly fever.

With dinner guests expected this afternoon it had to be a short run out to the Ranch. Like the heading says, I have grizzly fever. After spotting fresh tracks on a coupleof recent trips and some fresh snow last night I had to get out and see if we could get eyes on a bear. No luck with a physical bear, but we did get more tracks, I would guess to be less than 24 hours old.Early in we found this young bull still sporting one of his antlers.
Then a little further in an even younger bull posed for us. With his unique neck line hair he should be easy to identify if we find him again.
Junior was out feeding under mom's careful eye. She looks like she has had a tough winter.

On the way out Lincol spotted this rooster ruffed grouse. We stopped and actually got to wath him "drum" twice.  I will provide a supplemental post with shots of that action. He was back in under the spruce trees so there was very little light.
We stopped to grab a couple of images of this downy woodpecker and you could tell it is spring. We not only shot the male, but the female, a flicker, a junco and a mountain blue bird. I love any shot of these little birds when you can see their tongue.
One of the great reminders of being out at the Ranch is that you get to see cowboys still working the cattle. Here is one of the 'boys with his trusty dog watching over the herd at the close out of calving season.
I was surprised to find these two eagles in the same tree. Not that you never see two eagle in the same tree but these two were very close, the one on the left is a baldy while the one on the right is a golden. A great find on the day.
The bald must also masquerade as a "social butterfly", not long after the golden left this raven came in for a visit and chat.

We finished the quick trip up with a couple of kestrels. Today we found them in some sun. I love how the snow was packed against the fence post!
Now for a front view. These are truly beautiful birds. 
We were home by 11:00 a.m. Not too shabby. Looking forward to the Sunday walk tomorrow as everyday there is new material appearing from the south!

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