Sunday, 20 April 2014

Little Drummer bird (20140419) A supplemental post with a Ruffed Grouse.

Adding this post as it is the first time I have captured a drumming male ruffed grouse. Anyone who knows these birds and their habits knows the the male likes to find a "drumming log" to perform their springtime "song" on. The right log will assist by adding to volume to the beats of the wings and attract females from a longer distance, and maybe sound "more attractive" than his buddy just up the trail.
I believe they will use the same log all spring. I don't know if they have a series of logs in their territory that they will visit, or if they stick strickly to one drum. First you have to find soemthing to focus on.
Then you need to do one "beat" to confirm you are sitting in the right spot on the log.
Now that everything is in tune you can "let it rip!".
We were standing close enough to the bird that you could "feel" the throbbing of the strokes on your chest.
The whole session lasts about 10 seconds. He will wait several minutes and "hit it again".
Many people think that they actually hit their breast with the wings, but I have also read where it is just the rapid compression of the air trapped between the wings and the breast that generate the "pulse".
Now that I know where his log is I will have to try and get a little video.
I am trying to show you several different wing placements as this handsome feller is working hard for  a lady.
Then, once you have finished your performance, you take a look around to see if any ladies come to visit.
I hope you found the post interesting. I hope the photos are up to snuff. Come on out to Calgary so we can do a tour together, no telling what we could find.

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