Monday, 28 April 2014

Frogs, frogs, frogs.(20140427) Isn't a little bit of sun a good thing!

After a very successful morning walk, and with the sun providing some heat, I headed out to see if the frogs were singing. A couple of days ago I posted my first Columbia spotted frogs on the blog with a promise to return when the light was better. The light was better today, but I was worried after the very cool day yesterday that the frogs wouldn't be active until much later in the day, and I wasn't going to hang around too long because I was hungry:) After about a forty minute wait my first visitor arrived.
I am throwing in a second image of this unit with the yellow stripe down its back (which I have since learned is a Wood frog) as I find the reflection of the eye just seems to be hanging in the water pretty neat.
My next visitor was demonstrating what "springtime" is all about. Singing to attract a mate. Notice no yellow stripe, this is a Columbia spotted.
A great "singing job" will allow you to approach a lady friend like this successful suitor. I caught these two under water at first, they were headed straight for my feet. Notice that this guy of this pair is a Wood frog.
I had to re-position carefully so as to not disturb them. At the time I was thinking that this would make a great greeting card. "Wouldn't you really rather be a Columbian spotted frog about now?"  It would probably never sell :)
This kind of activity of course leads to the inevitable.
Unfortunately there haven't been any tadpoles out and and about just yet or I would have included a shot of them too. So the boys continue to woo the ladies!
I think that the water vibrating off the back of this fella looks just super! Another frog with a yellow stripe. I have a query out to my Frog Lady- Kerri to hear if these yellow striped units are Columbia spotted frogs as well, or if they are some different specie. I have found out that they are Wood frogs.
Here is another shot of a frog with the creepy eye reflection:)
I hope you enjoyed this little diversion from my normal variety type post. This was a great way to invest a little time to get some very terrific photo's. It just goes to show you that you can find a little nature everywhere if you take a little time to sit and look!

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