Saturday, 19 April 2014

Owls, Kestrel, Snow geese (20140418) A very poor light dull day.

Out with Kerri this morning as she was hoping to find some owlets. The weather forecast was absolutely brutal but you never know what you are going to find. One thing for certain, you are likely to find very little if you stay in the house. Our second owl nest of the day and I grabbed a quickie of dad.
As you can see from this next shot we had to contend with a lot of fog at certain times. It makes taking good sharp shots near impossible. It was nice to see these snow geese, they were taking their early morning stretch pretty seriously.
This was interesting to see, the house sparrow hanging around so close to mom on the nest.
The meadowlarks were out and about, but certainly not approachable!
While we found probably well over 100 raptors, the light was not conducive for wing shots and they were not sitting still giving us any opportunities for images. This group of Canvasbacks were nice to watch for a bit.
We did see some owlets. A nest that revealed one last week showed two different chicks today, and the nest of triples only appearred to have two chicks remaining. They are all currently covered with white soft down and with todays conditions I decided not to post any shots. The one cooperative raptor today was this American Kestrel.
This bird gave us plenty of time to click off our shots. It was moving pretty steady but tolerant of us following it with truck.
I will finish up here with  a pair of what is always a great subject for me, Hooded Mergansers. I am hoping that one day I can get closer for better shots.
We spotted our first Avocets of the year today but no images, they will be coming in May I am certain:) This is a super time of year right now as there is something new showing up every day! Lets go out and find something together.

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