Sunday, 20 April 2014

Rubycrowned Kinglet, Beaver, Downy (20140420) An Easter Sunday trip to Carburn park

With spring here it is great that evryday we are finding new birds (I think I might have already said that once this year) so the Sunday walks are a must. Today we were off to Carburn park home of one of our city GHO owl nests.
Mom was in full view but she kept the little one pretty well hidden.As with most city parks we were accompanied by local Chickadees.
We were pleasantly surprised to find a beaver in the river. Don and I took a little time away from the birders to see what we might capture with the mighty damn builder. It seemed to have a bit of an itch:)
Then a little belly grooming is in order.
On one of the "inside" ponds we were able to find the beavers most common partner a muskrat.
Don was kind enough to be my "hand model" for this chickadee shot.
We next got in amongst a couple of rubycrowned kinglets. These are tiny birds, the only thing smaller is a hummingbird here in North America.
As we swung back to the parking lot this mallard drake provided me with an opportunity I just couldn't turn down.
Caroline decided to hike back over to the rubycrowns to see if we could grab some good images. Here is one that I really like.
Not all the colour is on the top of these little beauties. The yellow on them is outstanding.
So I wasn't disappointed with the extra time. I had to leave to grab something to eat as I was starving.  See you next week!

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