Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mallards, Robin, Grackle (20140429) A city park visit.

With beautiful weather here it was gret to get out of the house. I was hoping to find  a Wood duck but had no luck with that. What I was able to do was spend a lot of time with a pair of mallards. I have new appreciation for anyone that can get a
good capture of these birds. For some reason they are very difficult to shoot.
The robins have been returning in droves. I have not posted any shots yet so I thought that I should throw one in here somewhere.
While I had seen a common grackle or two around this is the first time I have been able to get anywhere close to a decent shot. This is the first time I have noticed the purple on the shoulder.
On my way back to the truck I found this northern flicker. It was singing away.
My next stop was the "frog pond" to check in on things. There were two drakes there at various times. This guy would cruise through the area from time to time.
I had the chance to get shots of him coming and going:)
About every hour he would cruise through and check things out.
It took a long time before the frogs started singing. I didn't see any of the Columbia's today, they were either Wood frogs or Boreal chorus frogs.
This feller here was really small.
After two and a half hours of sitting and standing I thought that I would head home and grab some lunch.  Thanks for looking!

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