Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ruffed Grouse special (20140424) Drumming Grouse video link

This morning I headed back out to the Ranch to see if I could "clean up" a few branches around the ruffed Grouse drumming log. As you can see from the first image here, the conditions were far from ideal for making a video.
I had an absolute riot with this little bird which I have nicknamed "Action Jackson" due to his dedication to attempting to attract a make.  I watch him "drum" about 6 or 8 times before he walked off for  a second time. While he was away from his perch I thought I would go in and do a little trimming. As it turns out I didn't even flush him and he was back "at work" within minutes. Here is my first attempt of a video on this site. Please visit the following link to see "Action" in action. The vieo is best viewed full screen.
Drumming Ruffed Grouse.
Here are a couple of "stills" from this morning.
It was super spending time with Action, our little visit was interupted as we had some elk cross the road about 60 yards from us, so I was temporarily distracted.
Aftr a fabulous hour with Mr. Jackson, I left him as I found him, trying to find a date for the "spring dance". The rest of the morning was full of long distance ungulates; moose, deer, sheep, elk.  The birds that provided the best opportunities of the morning were redtail hawks.
On the way home I spotted these two that seemed to be "sharing" the same post.
Then all of a sudden they decided to split. I guess that the way goes. I will wrap up this post here. I hope you enjoy the video.

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