Saturday, 15 February 2014

Bald Eagle, Northern Hawk Owl, Spruce Grouse (20140215) Got to get out of the house. Added Jamie's shots

My buddy Matt had to cancel our Thursday Tour as his young lad came down with a cold. I had to cancel my Friday walk with Bruno as I don't think my knee would handle a full tour. Then late last night Dan canceled our trip for this morning, so I recruited Jamie for another trip. Typically when we get away a little late we get a little extra surprize, but not today.
Jamie spied this Coyote corpse (as it turns out we found quite a few corpses today) with as almost mature Bald Eagle and friend.
We were going to look in on the NHO as Jamie hasn't seen one for awhile, and we were rewarded with its presence:)
We were wondering who was hiding the sun on us as "the weatherman" had promised a nice bright clear day.
Jamie got some nice images of a Coyote on our second carcass of the day, a Mule deer. I am hoping that he can provide one for your eyes. He also was the only shooter on a nice mature Bald eagle on a fence. He was also the shooter for one of of the four moose we saw today. It just doesn't pay to be the driver sometimes:)
We were exploring some of our seldom visited roads and grabbed this long distance Pileated on one of them.
In the "bone head play of the day" I am afraid I cost Jamie and I an opportunity to get some good Spruce Grouse shots. I pulled the truck up just a little too close to he dark bird and he flew up into a tree.  I got one decent shot, but typically these birds will hold very well. With the poor light it was pretty dark in the spruce trees where he flew. I got one or two decent images, but we probably could have spent 5 or 10 minutes if I had stopped the truck a little further away.
That pretty much wrapped up our photo opps for the trip. We swung back around our incoming trail and found nothing really to shoot. Come on out to Calgary and we will do a "track" together.
Here are a couple of images from Jamie, enjoy!
Our second Bald Eagle, of the day.
A Coyote, note the bloody snout, it had been feeding on a recently road killed deer corpse.
In one of our favourite little roads, we found four moose, this one was closest to the road, Jamie grabbed a nice capture here.
And the Eagles just kept coming, here is the last of the day..
For more of Jamie's great images visit his Flickr page: Jamie's Flickr presence

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