Sunday, 23 February 2014

GHO's, Grey's and Snowy's (20140222) The northward migration will begin again soon.

On the drive home Friday night I reminded Jamie that the Snowy's would be vacating the area and convinced him that a morning run was in order:) We were on the road by 6:35 a.m. and in our "territory" after passing a skittish GHO enroute. This is my first metal Grainery owl, shot before sun up @ 7:22.
An hour later we found another skittish owl that landed in a tree, so last night's misfortune was quickly forgotten.
Just 30 minutes later Jamie spied this little treasure! This will be a spot we keep an eye on for the next couple of months.
Things were a little dry for about an hour when these little fellows made an appearance, I will keep trying to improve the quality of my shots of these birds.
Our next encounter happened to be provide my next opportunity to get a better shot.
Our next owl was a bird that didn't want to sit still either, it wouldn't go far, just to the next post.
I started thinking about the "sitting" GHO and wondered why we had seen poppa anywhere, so we decided to take another cruise by to see if he was there somewhere. As it turns out he was sitting right behind the nest.
That was GHO number 4. We finished the day with our 10th owl this almost all white unit.
With the heavy overcast skies this bird almost disappears right in front of your eyes. It seemed to be a little smaller than some of the birds that we had seen.
A very successful day, it is unfortunate the sun would not make it presence felt. We were home before 2:00 and ready for a great lunch.

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