Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Moose, Waxwings (20140217) A trip to 1A with Kerri

With more NPO's (Northern Pygmy Owl) reported on Friday, Kerri thought a track was in order. She has also put an order in for a Marten, oddly enough:)  So like with Grayson we were headed out for carnivore's. I was 10-15 minutes late picking her up, but we were off with breakfast. We were experiencing a light dusting of snow when we found our first critters.
There were three of these big herbivores in, you guessed it, Moose Meadows! When we returned there were only two moose visible. This big bull and the cow laying down behind him. We had a little more light later in the morning:)
As we finished up the 1A we had run into a couple of Crossbills, but as with Tim, we were on the wrong side of the little birds to get quality shots. As we swung into the area looking for the NPO's we ran a few side roads hoping to find an owl, but all we could spot is a group of waxwings.
These colours of these gorgeous birds is just outstanding. There were probably between 400 and 800 of these birds, but they kept their distance from us.
Down the road a bit we spotted a very high flying Golden Eagle, and a little while later we spotted a smaller faster bird of prey. I don't know if it was a Goshawk or a Gyr Falcon, but it was a very quick large bird.  Next we swung by Kerri's Northern Hawk Owl spot, but he wasn't home either.  So we swung for home and found this Rough legged hawk on the ground staying out of the wind.
So that wrapped up a day that gave us snow, wind, and occasional sun. We had high hopes but was a little disappointed on the day.

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