Sunday, 9 February 2014

Moose, Elk (20140206) A trip out with Tim, the first in a while

Tim and I hadn't been out in quite at while and we finally managed to agree on a time. We were keeping an eye on the weather and things were looking all lined up. We got hooked up and headed off, with good weather and great hopes. We spotted this trio of moose, a bull still with his antlers and a couple of lady friends.
Within 30 minutes we found several others, like this frosty faced cow.
As we passed through the front of the park we found our favourite herd of "citizen" elk.
The run up 1A was pretty uneventful, with little to be found in the way of wildlife. We were occasionally surprized by small groups of White Winged Crossbills. This male is a great example of some brilliant colour in the middle of our deary winter environment.
Tim's eyes were as sharp as ever, finding this mature bull resting off the side of the roadway.
I had an appointment in town and reluctantly had to hurry through the day. Tim was a good sport, and understood. I hope we can get out together again soon!

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