Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Chickadee, Great Grey Owl, Nuthatch (20140218) Bebo Grove

Well, I gotta tell you I am getting tired of chasing these city owls with no success.  But as my brother Bill and I often say "we will endeavour to persevere"   :)  So I headed out again today in search of city owls. A new owl has been added the mix, there has also been a Northern Saw Whet found in the park so that is a new item to be looking for. As always in the city parks, the Chickadees are present.
In my second hour of searching I had been "pointed in the direction" by Mike Kelly, then I spied some Photogs that had the Great Grey lined up. Unfortunately I was poorly positioned where the bird was between the me and the sun.
There was a Whitebreasted Nuthatch that was putting up a fuse due to the presence of the owl. So he was keeping an eye on the little fellow.
As I was wondering around looking for this fellow, or the Barred owl, I found this indentation where an owl had made an attempt, in the snow. You can see the hole in the snow, the wing marks and even, at the bottom of the image, the tail imprint.
After the owl disappeared, rather rapidly I might add, I had more encounters with Chickadees:)
Deeper in the woods I was also able to find this Redbreasted Nuthatch.
So I had a successful day at Bebo, finding my first "city owl" this year. I have heard that two of the GHO pairs have already started nesting, so there will be more owl shots coming. Have a super wildlife week!

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