Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Waxwing, Sharpshinned Hawk, Chickadee (20140212) A quick trip to Bebo to find an owl

Locally here in town there have been a couple of owls that have become celebrities, and I thought I would take a wander around to see if I could find them, and check out my knee. There has been a Great Grey and Barred Owl spotted and photo'd in Bebo Grove.  As I headed into the park I spotted some Bohemian Waxwings, and it was sunny out, so I had to see if I could get a shot or two.
I was just nicely getting set up and identifying birds to shoot, when a pair of other birders pulled, parked their cars in the middle of the action:( I did get a couple of images.
I was there probably less than 3 or 4 minutes before all the birds spooked and flew off. Just seconds later the cause of their leaving became obvious.
It was a great opportunity to get some shots of this Sharp Shinned Hawk. If you look closely you can see feathers on its beak and in it the talons.
I was not in the best position, considering the sun location, but as I have been saying a lot lately, "I shoot them where I find them!"
I love the colours on their shoulders. These are the best that I have been able to capture in quite a while.
Enough of the distractions, it was off to find an owl or two, or so I thought. After an hour and a half of trudging around I decided to pay attention to my objecting leg and head home. The only shots I took in that time were of these Chickadees.
You just gotta love these these little fellas!
On my way out of the park I stopped and took a little stroll looking for another opportunity with the Waxwings, or maybe even the Hawk. All I could find was this little fuzzy guy, not my usual target.
Tomorrow I am headed out with Matt, a buddy that I worked with for a couple of years. He has never seen a Snowy Owl. Do you think I will be able to find him one?

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  1. Your waxwings are beautiful!! I love the chickadees too.
    I hope your knee is feeling better before your next outing