Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Northern Hawk Owl (20140210) A trip out to find Kerri's NHO

While Jamie and I were out on Sunday, Kerri had a super day of her own, and even found a Northern Hawk Owl.  She was kind enough to provide me directions so this morning I took a little cruise out to see if I could find it.
I found it totally by luck, I was out of the truck enjoying the pleasure of taking some relief, when I heard this fellow singing. I was able to find him high in the trees on a ridge. I watched him for about 10 minutes until he flew off. I was unable to find him until 30 minutes later, right where Kerri had him.
I swung into a different position with the hopes of getting a little more of the front of the owl.
After a bit the bird relocated once again. This time further off the road, but close enough for some additional shots. He was very attentive to every sound around.
It is always nicer to garb these shots on tree limbs, but I shoot them where I find them. Sometimes I can't shoot them at all, even though I can see them:)
 After about 40 minutes he dropped off this perch and went down the hill, so I left him alone. He was a great subject, perhaps we will meet again.
This is the first time in quite a while that I have had the good fortune of finding a critter on my own with just some directions, there are two more of these owls that I have been unable to find. A great start to a terrific looking week.

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  1. Great post Turbo! I'm glad you found him - such an beautiful little owl!