Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Chickadee, Squirrel, Bald Eagle (20140216) A windy Sunday!

This week had us back at Griffiths Wood here in Calgary with more promise of finding up to three different owls; GHO, GGO, and NPO. But our Sunday curse seemed to stay firmly in place as the wind was howling this morning, and as you are probably getting tired of hearing, that is never a good thing.  Just before the walk started I spied some nearby Chickadees and grabbed this image.
My optimism is in high gear right now as you can see some of the ends of the branches here starting to show a little "colour" indicating new growth. I am hoping spring comes roaring in like a lion:)  This little red squirrel was feeling ignored so I will throw a shot of him in as well.
The wind kept all sorts of birds hidden from view, but we did find this gaggle of 20 Canadian geese.
After the walk Jamie picked me up and in spite of the wind we took a little tour. It was productive from a spotting perspective, we found a Gyr Falcon, but it was on the wing and disappeared quickly.  We did find this Bald Eagle that was taking shelter from the wind, on the ground.
We also found this lone Horned Lark hugging the ground, they are open country birds so this wind is nothing really new to them.
The rest of the trip has us finding two more Falcons (unidentifiable, but very light coloured birds) a couple more Eagles, but not much more. We gave in to the wind and headed home early. Come to Calgary and look me up, we can do a "track" together. 

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