Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Pileated Woodpecker, Mule deer, Chickadee (20140225) Another stroll for a city owl

Well the activity of the paparazzi has died down significantly where the owls have been spotted in the city parks. So I thought a single walker might be able to find one of them more easily. If only they were as easy to spot as these couple of mule deer.
I love the floppy nature of this next little deer's ears.
There is a squad of these guys that hang around the number three bridge, I love the little white "eyebrow" on this fellow.
As I made my way around the pathways I thought that I had found a Hairy woodpecker tapping, when I actually found this female Pileated. I like the dust in the air and the back lighting of her red crest.
Here is an angle that I have never seen before of the head. I find the colouration in front of the crest and towards the beak to be very interesting!
Of course when you get to spend 15 minutes up close and personal with a bird of this kind, you have to publish a tongue shot. I also love the evidence of the dust on her feathers.
A little later I met Anne who was walking her dog. When we discussed our successes I offered to show her the Woodpecker and she was glad to see it still on the tree where I had left it 10 minutes earlier.  It was a great couple of of owl-less hours in the park.

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