Monday, 10 February 2014

Leucistic Rough Legged hawk, Elk (20140208) S late Saturday run with Jamie

Since I buggered my knee on Friday I was not in any condition to walk, and Jamie was willing to take a leisurely cruise with a little exploration. When Jamie arrived he mentioned all the accidents that happening in town, so we took the long way out of town. We were late in spotting the Leucistic hawk on the first pass by so we had to swing around and try and get a couple of shots. Sorry for the back end views but this bird was very spooky!
Here is a shot without the wire, but I had to crop more because the bird was further away. These shots show off how light the body and wings are in comparison to a regular Rough Legged.
So even with a late start we were doing well. Our next spot was this "gang" elk soaking in the sun. All in all there were about a hundred head on the hillside.
As I took Jamie through a "new" road to explore with fresh snow we found this deer along with about 10 others at various spots along the opposite valley side hill.
On our way home we found some fresh grouse tracks, and with our recent experience with the Sharpie, we were hoping that we would find another cooperative bird.  What we found at the end of the tracks all we found was this little depression and these wing prints.
We found this healthy looking Coyote, hunting so we were able to get stopped and grab a few shots before it ran off.
It was a great leisurely day cruising around exploring. Come on out, we'll do a cruise together!
Here are a few of Jamie's shots from the day: The Leucistic RLH.
Our plump, maybe pregnant Coyote.
Here is one deer, of 5 that were on the road in front of us.
See more of Jamie's great shots here:
Jamie's flicker presence

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