Sunday, 23 February 2014

Kinglet, Nuthatch, Eagle. (20140223) A chilly Sunday morning walk

If it's Sunday it means the weather must be less than ideal:) We started off at about -24C and a wind chill of -30+C we headed out in search of city owls.
 While things on the owl front were very quiet, the Blackcaps were very entertaining. We were also treated to a nice view of this bald eagle.
We chased woodpeckers, kinglets, and nuthatches. Our constant companions though were the Chickadees, always willing to accept a "handout"!
We strolled around the park and were struggling finding many birds. Nearing the end of the walk we found a Hairy woodpecker , and a Brown creeper, neither of which provided good opportunities for photos. Even this Golden Crowned Kinglet was a great find. I rarely see these birds on, or even near the ground.
There seemed to be one of those "mixed" flocks of the previous mentioned birds and these Redbreasted Nuthatches.
This little lady seemed very happy with the buffet that had been provided. She made certain to find just the right morsel!
In spite of the cold the 3 hours passed effortlessly, and it was soon time to go home. Perhaps we will find those owls next time.

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