Thursday, 1 May 2014

Whiskey Jack, Sharptail, Swans (20140427) The end to a very busy Sunday.

Well I got my posts a little out of order here so please forgive me.  After a terrific a walk and some terrific time with the frogs, Tim and I went for a cruise to see if Jackson was performing.  On the way in I spotted my first Crocus  of the year.
Action wasn't around, so this Whiskey Jack decided to put in an appearance in order lighten our mood.
We took a swing by an area that has produced for us in the past and flushed a male Harrier. No shots fired, but when I turned and looked up the road here was this Sharpie just waiting to be photo'd!
As we swung by my "swan pond" we were able to see better than a dozen birds on the large pond. Nothing was very close, so I took a long distance shot.
We spent a little time at the pond's edge and I was able to get my first decent redwinged blackbird of the spring. I love the pussy willows in the shot!
Standing there we kept hearing the "winnowing" of snipes.  I was fortunate enough to catch one on the ground.
That will wrap up shots for this post. We did spot a cow and bull moose on the way home. It was teh end to a long and fruitful day. I hope everyone got to spend some quality time in the woods on Sunday.

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