Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Chickadee, Cardinal, Chat (20160121) A return to Chat territory

As I have been setting out grape jelly to try and keep the Yellow Breasted Chat alive I get over every couple of days. The "greeter's" were out in full force. The Song Sparrows are always the first ones you see when you get to the area.
Even before I was able to do a good check on the target bird this female Cardinal put in an appearance and posed for me.
Next the Chickadees came into view. The light was pretty good, and the red of the rose brambles make a nice addition.
Then our resident hero put in an appearance. A lot of the birding community has taken this beautiful bird into their hearts.
I went back and grabbed this follow up shot of the Cardinal. I almost prefer to shoot the female of this specie as the bright red of the male is very tough to get right.
The Chickadees were also flitting about. I really like the environment in this area for the backgrounds and colourful limbs.
A final image of the star of the show. I hope that she continues to bring joy to many people here. 
Well another "wildlife" day, and I walk away grinning ear to ear--Nothing better.

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  1. Great detail for a non-photographer. The light is quite striking!