Thursday, 7 January 2016

Pheasants, Yellow-rumped, Eclipse (201509-late) Still trying to get caught up on posts :(

As the title above suggests I am still way behind on posting from the fall. It's my own fault and I owe an apology to all my followers out there for being so derelict in my duties. Who knows with this New Year I should be able to get back into the rhythm of staying up to date. So please bear with me as I try to get caught up.
These shots are from the end of September, the first group is out at Len's place where there is always subjects hanging around. He doesn't seem to get the hordes of Grackles that I do, here is a nice single.
  With his steady supply of 12-15 Blue Jays his feeders are constantly empty. One day I will get a truly definitive image of these magical blue birds, but until then you will have to live with myfeeble attempts.
A stroll down Nikita's Way is almost always rewarding. Today a late Yellow Rumped warbler showed itself.
Tonight was also the night of a super moon eclipse so I had to try and capture that event. Here is a look at the moon prior to the eclipse starting. 
Here is as close as I could get to the full eclipse and still see a little of the moon. Not a very clear image but shows how complete the eclipse actually was.
Then the next day I was out in the yard and caught a couple of images that I thought you might like. These first two are not the clearest of images, they involve a Chipmunk and the local pheasant family.
This first shot shows a little direct eye contact between the Chippy and one of the hens. 
In this next shot we see the hen retreating, not in-considerably, from the little protagonist. I would have thought the large bird would have not been intimidated by the Chipmunk!
To finish this post up I thought I would include an image of one of the immature roosters. I failed to notice the white chest stripe on this guy before. It is so nice to see the colours coming into their feathers so nicely. 
Put a little "wild" in your life today, you deserve it!

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