Sunday, 10 January 2016

Landscapes, Blue Jays, Mourning Dove (20151021) Dave comes for a visit.

Well Dave has come out to the house to go for a bit of a walk to see some of the local area. As it is October the colours are expected to be the main star of today. Let's see how we made out. One of the nice aspects that I am finding about here in Nova Scotia is the number of "red berry" bearing bushes that can be found, like this grouping.
Here is a shot of a little dock down at the local lake with a little autumn colour thrown in.
I have always loved the texture of a nice piece of birch bark. I think now that I am in an environment where I can find it fro time to time, you will be seeing more of it in my shots. Here are some rose hips in front of a little birch tree.
We didn't find much wildlife to shoot on the stroll, but it was a super day. So we headed back to the yard to see if any birds would show up and give us an opportunity. I really like this little maple tree with the dark background.
So the colour was not letting us down, neither was the sun! We were even treated to a little feather colour with a couple of Blue Jays joining us. He is one on my green feeder.
After Dave had left to go have lunch, I spent a little more time with the equipment in the back yard. This is a shot I will continue to work on thought the different autumns; a nice Blue Jay in the colours of a Maple.
An image I was working on, but will need to get better at is a Blue Jay  on the ground with some bright coloured leaves.
I was also joined briefly by this beautiful Mourning Dove. I need to find a way to get these sweethearts to model in the sun for me sometime.
My final visitor of the afternoon was this terrific hen pheasant.
A pretty terrific day, with some wonderful light, and great company!  What more could you ask? Take some time for yourself and put a little "wild" in your life!

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