Sunday, 17 January 2016

Common Loon, Long-tailed duck, Red-tailed hawk (20151210) Len and I take a look for Harlequins

Well we thought we would do some more exploring on the south coast and see if we could find a Harlequin to photo. No luck on that particular bird, however we weren't bored. We managed to find Len's first ever Long-tailed ducks while we were out.
Then we found this group of Buffleheads doing a "flyby"! We were able to get them on the water a little later in the day.
Next up we found a pair of Hooded Mergansers. This is a bird that I am able to get images of more often than in Alberta.
The tough part about dong the south shore run is that we rarely get the sun behind us. But as I always say, I shoot 'em where I find them. Sorry for the poor quality images.
Another bird I would never get this time of year in Calgary is the Common Loon. I like they way they look in their winter plummage.
As promised here is a group of Buffleheads on the water. The light was also a little better for this shot.
On the way home we headed cross country and left the shore behind us. It gave us an opportunity to find some Red-tails and this is a pretty typical representative.
It turned out to be a great day with some typically "off season" birds for me so I was extremely pleased. Take an hour today and put some "wild" in your life!

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