Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Snow Bunting, Pileated, White-throated Sparrow (201511-early) A variety of birds from November.

Well it is time to get some more backlog images up on the Blog. Now geting into November, and as you can probably tell I am not getting out as much as I did in Calgary. The targets just don't seem to be here that I was used to so I need to adapt. Here is a shot of an early Snow Bunting. Mom was out with me for a drive on this evening. It is nice that at 84 she still likes getting into the woods and have a look around :)
Here is a shot of one of many yard birds. The Hairy's always seem to be around and they are very tolerant of my presence. That never hurts if a bird wants his photo taken :)
Went for a walk on the railway tracks and found these ready to burst bull rushes. I thought I would try and capture the image.
On that walk I missed a great chance as I watched a Pileated woodpecker fly right up the railway tracks towards me and popped into a tree nearby. Fortunately right after the female left, the male popped in, and I did manage to capture a few shots of him with some terrific light and blue sky background!
Late one evening while out on a solo drive I finally managed to get my first Nova Scotia owl image. This Great Horned Owl was quite a distance off and it was getting quite dark.
A day or two later I was out at Len's and we managed to find this beautiful White-throated Sparrow in his yard. I love these birds and I am hoping to get more images of these georgeous birds!
That brings us up to the thrid week of November and I seem to be catching up to real time posting. Hopefully by the end of this month you won't be subject to these long delays. Get out in the woods and walk around, it'll put a little "wild" in your life!

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