Thursday, 14 January 2016

Wood, Black, and Mallard Ducks (20151127) A trip to the frog pond.

Len and I had some jewlery repairs that needed to get done for out ladies and had to head out to a section of town where I had never been.  There had been some recent reports of Harlequin sightings in the area, so we threw the cameras in the car with us. Bracelets delivered we were off to do some investigation. We didn't find much, but on the way home we swung into the Frog Pond in Halifax.
There had been a number of shots of this beauty on the Nova Scotia Bird Society and I have been pretty dry as far as Wood ducks go for the past couple of years.
It was a shame we had late evening shade for light. These birds look absolutely amazing in the sun.
Since you never know when you are going to "pass this way again" I am posting a few images of one of my favourite subjects. Next up was this beautiful Mallard. As these are citizen ducks getting close is not a problem.
The Mallard was being followed closely by a couple of Black duck hens. They too made terrific subjects in the golden hour light.
I am pretty happy with the fact that you can see their orange feet. I expect that the water was pretty shallow.
Then Mr. Mallard came in for a real close up. They are very hard birds to capture effectively with their colouring.
So we had a little exploring and some success at a "new spot"!  That's how you get a little "wild" in your life, give it a try, I'm certain you will enjoy it.

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