Sunday, 24 January 2016

Yellow Breasted Chat, Cedar Waxwing, Robin (20160119) A New bird on my 600th post.`

When I started doing this more than 4 years ago I don't think I ever envisioned doing this many posts of my adventures, both solo and with my many friends. So hold on to you hats, and here's hoping for at least another 600! 
I had been keepin an eye on the Nova Scotia Bird Society facebook page regarding a Yellow Breasted Chat at a local (to me) cemetery. Someone suggested that providing food would help it survive our colder winters. So I started putting grape jelly out to try and help the little bird out. On this day we had some nice clear skies so I took the camera for a walk. I was happy to find this little Song Sparrow to start my morning.
It took me a little while to find my next set of birds, but when I did things stated to happen pretty quick. I first spotted some Robins, then some Starlings, but the Cedar Waxwings were a real find.
The rose-hips were the food that everyone was after. Even the red Squirrels were in on the act.
These Waxwings are just not what I am accustomed to in the winter. The Bohemians would be what I would be looking for in Alberta.
These crested, masked beautifully coloured birds are just hard to pass up. This will be the last image for this specie in this post.
Next up is the normal harbinger of spring for many folks, an American Robin.
The other birds there were the Starlings. These birds are a long way from my favourites due to their invasive nature. But this is the first time I have been able to capture the "grey" iris of these usually dark birds.
The colouring on these birds are indicating to me that they are ready to "pop" into their breeding plummage any time. They can be quite striking.
Then just as I was starting to head out I found my mysterious target bird.
The yellow on this bird is absolutely brilliant. What a great bird to add to the blog here. As regular visitors are aware, first appearances of a critter entitles them to an immediate second image.
This sweetheart was being very cooperative, as was the light for a change. I will wrap this post up here with a third image of this unexpected resident.
So take a little time today, or this week, and put a little "wild" in your life!

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