Wednesday, 27 January 2016

River Otter (20160122) A hot tip leads to a great encounter.

First off I have to thank Clarence for giving me the tip of an Otter in Sullivan's Pond in Dartmouth. So Friday morning I met up with Len on high alert for our four footed quarry. It didn't take too long to spot, but it was a long way off. For simplicity sake I am going to refer to it as "he". Here is a short video that shows him finishing a meal before returning to the water for his next nugget of a meal.
The light was absolutely attrocious but you take what you get, and when you get a target like this you  just shoot!
While we were shooting this crow popped in and gave me a proper "yelling at". I expect it was expecting to get fed. I liked catching it with the nictitating member closed.
Here is a shot, that I call "Toothy", I don't know why he hardly shows any teeth here.
This is a fairly large critter, he was likely 40 or more yards off. He was a joy to watch as he would occassionally come out of the water and scootch around.
When he stops and just looks, he is quite a handsome dude!
I was amazed at just how short his hind legs are. The front legs are pretty short as well.
But the captivating aspect of these large weasels is their playing in the snow!
I won't bore you with any more images. But there is a second slightly longer video of that very behaviour, you can play it by clicking here! So that is how to put a little "wild" in your life. 

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  1. I've really got to go to Sullivan's Pond. Would really love to see THAT Otter.