Saturday, 24 September 2016

Baby Snappers, caterpillars, Toad (20160921) Victory for the persistent!

Well ANOTHER day on the tracks. Me and the Bizzer have been at this for 3 weeks now and no real sign of baby turtles. But like the line from the Outlaw Josie Wales mentions we will "endeavour to persevere"! Then I spot a small leeaf like object in the dark shade, well away from any water. A hatchling, a baby snapper, finally. First order of business is to get him to some water. Then find a little something to provide scale, so a handy $1 Canadian coin, called a Loonie and we are all set.
Then a shot of him on the beach, what amazes me beside the small size is the length of tail in comparison to the shell.
Then before I place him in what I believe is a safe place in the lake I notice how perfectly his claws look. This is just a perfect miniature! He he is in his new aquatic home, safe from between the rails where he would likely have perished.
I am exhalted. I make a few phone calls to those that I think might be interested. Mostly to let them know tha I found one, who knows it might be the only one I ever find. Then back on the tracks for more searching, and I spot #2, Outstanding!
Here is a close up of the hind foot and tail. I just love how perfectly formed they are.
As I continue my search I believ I find a nest hole, this would be where these little ones might have crawled out of.
Then I spot a third! What a terrific day this is turning into!
Laurie Ann and Wesley decided to come out and get in on the bonanza. Neither had see baby Snappers before so this was quite a treat.
They have those neat Macro lenses that let them get right up close to their subjects. Not like my big tele.
Then I learned tht you don't ask anyone to hold your camera while you go on a little side mission. Laurie Ann took this shot of me and Bizzy with my own camera.
Here is the first of two caterpillars, This one is the Fingered Dagger Moth caterpillar.
Here is number 2 Caterpillar.  the young of the Banded Tussock Moth.
I'll wrap this post up with a shot of the largest American Toad we spotted all day. This fella was easily 30 times larger than the other little hoppers that were around. And, there were many of them out and about on this day.
Take some time to day and put a little "wild" in your life, I will!


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  2. Oh my Paul they are so sweet. What a thrill to see them. I think the shot of you and Bizzy is sweet.