Saturday, 10 September 2016

Pickerel Frogs, Common Yellowthroat, Pied-billde Grebe (20160904-06) A day at home and one at Miners Marsh

The morning on the tracks was very slow although a couple of Common Yellowthroats were willing to put in an appearance.
I don't have an ID on this next little bird, it is a juvenile Sparrow of some specie.
We had a little additional time as we didn't do the full walk, so me and the puppy strolled along the lake a bit. I was glad we did as it turns out. The detour produced my first ever Pickerel Frog.
If you look close you can see a tick on the frog's back. What I found interesting about these Pickerel Frogs is that it is their spots that are green, and they are quite irredescent.
When we arrived home I was surprised to see so many Honey Bees hanging out on the Humminf bird feeder.
The next day (the fifth) was pretty dreary. I did manage to shoot a little bit of video the local pheasants and Blue Jays. Take a peek at one of the vids HERE
On the 6th, we headed over to Mom's as I had a Docs appointment. I met up with Angela G in Kentville and we did a tour around Miners Marsh. My first sighting was this little Green Frog.
My next find was this very close Solitary Sandipiper. Obviously my best iffort of this bird to date.
It seems that in keeping with their name the Common Yellowthroats are a bird that I have been able to spot everywhere I've been. The Marsh was no exception.
This beautiful teenager came within distance, so I had to shoot the yound Pied-billed Grebe.
There were other shorebirds all around the Marsh and I was shooting everything happy to figure out what they are later. This pair of Short Billed Dowitchers were a great catch for me.
Killdeer are always great birds to capture, and this little bird was quite cooperative.
I expect that this is a Semipalmated Sandpiper, they are on every beach and water hole right now. Next week they will be gone!
I wrapped my day up by finding a Leoprad Frog. this is a frog I was very familiar with in my youth. We used to find them everywhere we went, but then again we always headed for the water :)
Take some time, and put some "wild" in your life!

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