Saturday, 3 September 2016

Warblers, Toads, Hummer (20160831) A stroll along the tracks with the puppy!

Well, I have been anxiously awaiting Septwmber so that I can start the hunt for baby Snappers. With the incubation time for the eggs being 80-90 days, and given the summer we have had being hot and dry, I think hatchlings could start appearing anytime. Even if I am "pushing" it a bit, this is also the begining of the warbler fall migration. I should be able to find something to shoot from day to day, even if it is Landscapes like these berries.
It was only about 20 yards further up the tracks when I noticed activity in an apple tree. This little beauty was my first victim. I don't have a confirmed ID on this bird, I think it may be a female Hatch year Black-throated Green Warbler.
If that is a female, this is quite likely one of her nest mates, complete with meal.
It was a busy little hot spot as then little Common Yellowthroat also wanted to have its photo taken.
I hardly had to move at all and this Magnolia Warbler came into view. This is a first of the year for me.
Of course whenever a Chickadee puts in an appearance and is willing I have to add it to the Blog.
I am always pleased to find Hummingbirds in the wild. While it is nice to have them around the house, knowing that they can still survive with our feeders is a great feeling. This little fella was joining in on the little green worm bonanza!
While not the beautiful breeding plumage that he will be sporting next spring, I am very happy to grab this shot of a hatch year Blackburnian Warbler.
Another super surprise for the morning was this gorgeous female Northern Parula, I am hoping that I might get a good image of one of the males one of these days.
Sheesh what a warbler morning! Here is likely something that the Hummers have been using to keep themselves going while in the woods.
The warblers weren't the only little things out and about, I also spotted a couple of very small American Toads. Here is one of them.
I was also able to spot a first ever for the Blog, a Peeper. These smaller than a fingernail sized frogs make a lot of noise in the woods in the spring.
As is my custom, and when I have the opportunity, I will post a second image of this tiny noise maker.
What a terrific find! You usually can only find these sweeties at night in the spring with a flashlight. Here is yet another image showing off this creature.
Just as it is warbler migration time, the hawks that hunt them are following them along their migration route, trying to earn a living. Here is a long distance evidence only shot of a juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk.
Well that wraps up a super morning for me and Bizzy. No turtles today, but one day they will show. Put some "wild" in YOUR life!

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