Sunday, 18 September 2016

Cougar, Lion Cheetah (20160912) A trip to a local zoo.

With a family friend coming to town to visit, Len and I decided to go to the Zoo.  Grace Lush has done transactions with the Oaklawn Zoo dealing with primates, birds and cats. Cats were the reason for the trip, the Cougar in particular. While I have seen Cougars in the wild several times, my images are far from ideal. This to me is the most amazing critter we have here in Canada. These teeth are just part of the arsenal that it brings to the table.

The speed that it can develop and leaping capability are just outstanding. This big North American cat fears nothing in the wild, except maybe a bigger or meaner Cougar.
This is a face that I have stared into, albeit briefly, and was mesmerized!
Of course it wasn't just cats at the zoo. They have have llamas, goats, fowl, and of course Capybera's. These are the largest rodent in the world.
While the Cougar is a predator of the Cappy's so is this net big cat, the Jaguar. I learned that you tell these from a Leapard by the colours on their black spots. The Leopard only has the black spot.
We arrived just before feeding time so we had great views of the big cats. The first to be fed were the Lions.
The Jags could hardly wait to get their meaty morsels!
I cannot help to feel that this guy is saying " hey, I only want to lick you for a little while".
This younger male lion has a haircut that reminds me of the 80's!
I was unable to capture the Cheetah in an more natural setting. I may have to come back and spend some time observing and shooting to get a clearer image.
Here is my "cleanest" image of the target of my visit. No fences or man-made structures in the frame.
Another of the North American Cats available for viewing is this beautiful Bobcat. I have captured this great "generalist" in both Canada and the US.
The Zoo also has this young man-- Hunter. He weighs in at 50 pounds currently and is one of the stars of the place.
Oh, and I haven't mentioned that Mom was with me. While she didn't get her photo taken with a Llama, we did manage to get her petting Hunting.
Even if you can't get to the natural woods, Zoos and other institutions provide an alternative so that you can put a little "wild" in your life!

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