Thursday, 8 September 2016

Blue Jay, Sharp-shinned, Common Yellowthroat (20160903) Part Deaux, a follow-up stroll with Laurie Ann

So I let Laurie Ann know what a great morning I had, and she said "I'll be right over!". I have been wanting to get her out to do the tracks so this was great. While I waited at home I managed this Blue Jay. The dark woods make for a nice background, so I am trying to capture more birds with this type of environment.
Shortly after Laurie Ann arrived we had this little visitor that dropped by and did a fly by. It's the first time I have managed to capture the local Sharp-shinned.
We headed out for our stroll and found this wonderful flutter-bye.
We passed through the Warbler hot spot and strolled a little further along. We were able to grab some images of this Black-throated Green Warbler, there were actually at least two of them flitting about.
On the stroll home there was a lot of colour reminding us that "Winter is Coming!"
Just before getting back to the car we were treated to the company of a brood of Common Yellowthroats. Here is one of them for your viewing pleasure.
Before I wrap this post up I will share some of the images that Laurie Ann has provided from the walk. The first is this beautiful Black and White that she found.
Laurie Ann also capture Bizzy and I as we strolled along the tracks.
And of course the real reason she came for a visit was to see Bizzy.  Here is a portrait courtesy of Laurie Ann. She does great pet photography! You can see some of here work HERE
Take some time this day and put a little "wild" in your life!

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