Friday, 16 September 2016

White-throated, green frog, Eastern Smooth Green Snake (20160916) Anothr first for the blog.

Loving the find weather that we have been enjoying, but we really need some rain. The Lake looks to be down about 18 inches and the woods are very dry. They haven't shut down travel yet so I continue my treks looking for baby turtles. The day started with just a pile of Clouded Sulphur butterflies.
With the first sighting of a Common Yellowthroat in one of my favourite apple trees, I was hoping for another whopper of a Warbler morning.
It was just terrific to find a young White-throated Sparrow. This is a bird I must start hunting down. They have beautiful colouration, especially in the spring.
I believe this next bird is a Savannah Sparrow, not as common here as out west.
It was also nice to get another CYT mixed in with the red berries. One of these images might make the "wall".
There is a little pond that usually over flows en-route and these little Green frogs are a mainstay. I couldn't resist.
While I am waiting for eggs to hatch, it would appear that this Grasshopper is just now depositing hers to hatch some time later.
Then I had the pleasure of "bumping" into this next guest. It actually landed on my belly as I walked up the tracks. Here is a phone image.
Here is another shot of it. I thought it was nice to see some separation in some of the wings.
This next subject is another first for the Blog and you know what that will mean. But first things first, here is a first look at an Eastern Smooth Green Snake. I always had called them "Grass" snakes.
Here is the second shot! I found it very hard to believe just how brilliantly coloured this fantastic looking snake was.
I hope you like the post, it was a joy gathering the images. Put some "wild" in your life, it takes no effort at all.

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