Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Luna Moth Caterpillar, Loon, Garter Snake (20160907-08) A couple of treks on the tracks

Well I still am trying to find some baby snappers so I head to the tracks everyday that I can. With the change of the calendar month the differences in the flora and fauna are also obvious. Here is one new presence that I haven't seen since last year in this month. I didn't get an image of him last year, a Maritime Garter snake.
After two weeks of doing this little stroll this is the first time I have seen a Great Blue on the lake, or rather, flying over.
This next "guest" isn't a first timer, but the only other time I have found one was also here in Nova Scotia. I think it was 2012. A beautiful Cicada.
As I mentioned above the flora is starting to change as well, here is another example.
Or if you like to see a single plant changing, here is your image.
Along with changing leaves come the caterpillars that will soon convert to beautiful butterflies. I don't know which butterfly or moth this little one will become.
The net day we had some pretty overcast conditions. While lighting wasn't the best here is a very long distance shot of a Kingfisher.
Next up is what I believe might be a migrating, thusly visiting, Common Loon to the lake. He was very cooperative as he let me get to the waters edge for a couple of shots.
It was nice to have some calm water to help minimize the movement of the subject.
One of most interesting of my finds these days was this beautiful caterpillar. It is the caterpillar of the Luna Moth, an absolutely gorgeous creature.
All along the tracks these days I am finding quite a population of Clouded Sulphur buterflies. they can be quite tough to capture.
A great couple of days, with some uncommon finds worth sharing. These are just a few of the reasons that I keep putting a little "wild" in my life!

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