Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Squirrel, Cardinal, Black and White (20160907) Some shots from the yard, with a quick visit to the Cemetery

Well the large white flowers are coming into full blossom finally, so they deserved a shot this morning. The bees just love them.
While I was in the bedroom getting ready to take Bizzy in for a Spa day I spied this squirrel. It's not the squirrel that is interesting. What is interesting is that he is eating bugs out of my wasp and ant trap. I put hummingbird food in the open jar to attract wasps and leave the hummingbird feeders alone.
Then the little bugger went over to raid my tomato plants.
While Bizzy was getting her hair done I headed up the hill to the Cemetery. Being after noon I didn't expect to find to much, but you never know. Right away I nabbed this tired daddy Cardinal.
There were alot of these little pale Butterflies in one of the fields.
Then I was able to spot that has been tough for me this year. I fell in love with the little Black and White last year, but I have been pretty dry on them this year.
Then a bird I am finding it seems everwhere this year is the little Black-throated Green Warbler. They are just beautiful birds.

I finished up the day with what might be the mate to the first my first bird. Here is a lovely lady Cardinal. She too looked really quite tattered.
Take some time to put "wild" in your life!

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