Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Clouded Sulphur, Pheasants, Palm Warbler (201609-Mid) A couple of dry days.

The "baby watch is still in full operation, so daily trips to the tracks are in order. The migrating warblers are petering out, but it seems the flutter-byes are still in full force. Here is yet another Clouded Sulphur, maybe my best yet?
A couple of days later I headed over to Hartlen Point to see what might be found in Angela's back yard. We were very happy to spot this Palm Warbler in an area we check for shorebirds.
Another image of this migrating beauty. I usually only find them in the spring.
We also found this beautiful Black-and-White Warbler. We were pretty close and this little gal was on the move constantly.
A couple of days later was I spotted this little little sweetheart, it was at the start of our walk, and it was very difficult to keep track of this one.
Then a little later in the day the pheasants were having a little drama in the cul-de-sac. Something spooked the birds when they were across the street and one of the chicks flew up onto the veranda roof. After a bit, Mom was out trying to reound the crew back up.
She convinced the younger bird to get down off the roof, I was able to grab a quick image as she lifted off.
In the afternoon this little sparrow showed up. I believe it is a Song Sparrow, but the yellow clouring has me questioning that.
I wrap this post up here. This covers post covers serveral days where I was able to put a little "wild" in my life!

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