Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Warblers, Waxwings (20160903) Warbler morning on the tracks

Well the surveilance on the tracks continues on an almost daily basis. It is super to find flowers still in bloom at this time of year, so that the hummers have something to feed on.
Back in the warbler hole today was productive. This first image is of a Magnolia Warbler.
This next lady is a Northern Parula, one of our most beautiful wood warblers.
This might be her mate next year. This is a male Northern Parula, and he happens to be even more beautiful then the lady of the specie.
Once again, I missed getting a good sharp image of this next bird. Hopefull next spring I will find this male Blackburnian Warbler in the back yard and capture him properly.
I believe that this next bird is a female Common Yellowthroat, I am now debating that it might be an Orange-crowned.
Next up, another shot of a male Blackburnian. This fella moved in pretty close.
My surprise for the morning was this wonderful juvenile White-throated Sparrow. While its warblers that are the target, it is always great to get a shot of one of these babies!
Here might be the best shot of day, it is definitely the best Magnolia Warbler image I have managed to date.
This area has also consistently produce Black-throated Green Warbler, and today was no exception.
Another of the local cast of characters is an elusive bird for me in this spot. I can Yellow-rumps it seems everywhere else, so it was nice to find one today.
With the beauty of the beauty of the Norther Parula on display, and another cooperative subject, I have to throw another image in here.
I'll wrap this post up here with another beautiful bird, a Cedar Waxwing. This is a yound male. You can see just a very small amount of red "wax" on his wing tip. More mature birds get a much larger amount of wax on their wings.
Part two of this morning will be up soon. Take some time and put a little "wild" in your life!

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