Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Sunday morning Buck cruise (20131019) Mule Bucks

I thought that I would take a close to home cruise this morning. Monday I have committed to Ignacio that I will find him some Bucks, so an emergency reconiasssance run was in order. I was a couple of minutes behind schedule getting out of the house, but that's the way it goes. On one of my main side roads I found this flock of gathering Starlings.
All the deer I found this morning seemed to be very wary. It is unsual for Mule deer to run when a vehicle is still 1/2 mile away. I expect it may have something to do with the near full moon last night. On one of my most productive roads I found this nice looking Muley buck.
You always need to be watchful and patient when observing these guys, quite often there is more than one, and if you wait, you might find several of these big fella's.
At another of my favourite spots I was able to find just three bucks. The numbers really seem to be down this year. If you look close you can see that the larger bucks have started to have their necks swell in preparation for the upcoming rut.
I also found a couple of Roughlegged Hawks this morning. This fellow was being harrassed by Magpies.
Here is a wing shot of the same bird.
I little disappointing from a Buck perspective, but a super nice morning that probably counted up 30-40 deer, 3-5 Roughlegged's, a Kestrel that I didn't mange to get a shot of, and the geese are rounding up for their flight south.

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