Sunday, 20 October 2013

GHO, Mule Deer, Elk. (20131019) A little trip to the west.

Jamie and I decided that we should take a little "boo" out to the area my brother and I visited about this time last year. We were out early and had high expectations, grabbed a couple of images of the all night hunter.
These night hunters can be pretty tough to find in the daylight, and even when you do they tend to be skittish birds.  Up the road we kind of had a "break loose" couple of minutes.  We found a large herd of elk on the hillside, along with a group of Sheep and a Rough legged hawk.
Further along we found a small band of Mule deer, it looked like 2 bucks, one dominant and one smaller one, and several Does. I was able to get pretty close to a Doe and her fawn.
And a second shot that I thought was a nice portrait.
Up the road we found this Rough Legged Hawk.
We spotted  several small groups of Whitetail's, one was a small bachelor herd, with a dominant animal that looked alot like the Buck that Len and I had seen in the same area last year. Here is a link to that post containing that image.
The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful. I'll wrap this post up here, drop off in Calgary and we can do a track together.
Updated with a Shot from Jamie of me getting shots of the Mule deer

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