Thursday, 17 October 2013

Darkeyed Junco (20131017) Thursday Walk- Glenmore

I am expecting to head out with Jamie this Sunday, so I thought I would get the weekly walk in a little earlier than Sunday. Today was the day. Yesterday I guess there were a pile of birds on the resevoir, however today the place was pretty bare. we found a Horned Grebe, a common loon and some mallards. The weather was being less than pleasant with wind and cloud making difficult to find birds. As a result I was looking for colour, if I could find any. This Mountain Ash caught my eye.
At almost the half way point of the walk I struggled to find an opening to grab a shot of one of the two Dareyed Junco's I had found next to the shore.  I am happy with this image.
 This small dash of Ash in with the tall Spruce also caught my eye, along with the green of the moss.
Or do you prefer the Mountain Ash, completre with berries, in focus?
As we left the resevoir we were able to find some more birds, we came into a grop of Chickadees which included one Boreal. I couldn't get a shot of that bird so I will include a shot of Canada's bird.
Our next bird was this nice male Hairy Woodpecker, the first I have had a chance to get close to for a while.
The wind really came up strong as we headed back along the pathway and the pickings were pretty slim, this was one of another group of Chickadees that made an appearance.
As mentioned it was a pretty light wildlife day, but we always tend to find something to keep our attention here in Calgary.  Drop on out, and do a "track" with me.

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