Friday, 18 October 2013

Wood Peckers (20131018) Out to ASCCA

Like the last time I wasn't working I have hooked up with Bruno for walks at the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area. We got out twice this week for 10 km trail steward patrols. The conditions have been excellent cool crisp mornings, we start out below 0C and finish up at about 10C.
Here is a series of shots from our Tuesday outing. We found this Muley Buck with a couple of Does that he has rounded up for the upcoming rut.
We also found this little Lincoln's Sparrow that is probably enroute to the south. Sorry for the poor image.
Here is a Calgary Skyline shot taken from the parking lot of the Conservancy.

Here are some shots from today's outing. While we found a few more deer this morning, we didn't  get alot of other action. While we were sitting at the top of the Pine Creek trail having a drink we spotted two separate coyote's. I grabbed this image, not very a very good shot, but evidence. Bruno had just stated that he had never found anything up in those fields :)
When we got back to Belvedere House I grabbed these shots of a Downey Woodpecker. This guy had just dug this little grub out of the small tree.
We spotted a second Woody on the walk down to the truck. It is amzaing how they are able to find enough to eat in these small trees.
A couple of great outings, just a little light on photo material, it is a great facilty right here next to Calgary. Drop by, I can take you for a tour.

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