Sunday, 27 October 2013

Moose, Spruce Grouse, Wild Horse (20131026) Productivity for Ignacio at last!

Twice this past week I have taken Ignacio out for a cruise, as much to show him the area as to provide him with some opportunities to grab some Buck shots.  While we have seen a couple of deer the opportunities for decent Buck shots have been minimal. So today was a chance at redemption as we headed out for Wild Horses.  We started the morning out with some Buffalo, we had spotted a couple of moose as well, but they were too far off in the distance to get a good shot.
We had just nicely got back on the road and were eyeing up some deer to determine if there were any Bucks when we spotted a moose and as I was slowing down we found this youngster up cose to the road.
his was a very cooperative subject as he seemed very relaxed with our presence and our clicking cameras.
We obviously weren't creating any stress for this youngster as he just kept eating:)
We probably spent over 20 minutes with this juvenile, and kept an eye for an opportunity to grab a shot of momma, as she was apparently trying to work her way closer to this spring's calf.  Just up the road a bit we had a Male Spruce grouse out on the road picking up gravel. He was nice enough to "pop up" in a nearby tree.
He too became very compfortable with our presence as he began to feed as well while our camera clicking seemed to be more of a comfort to him than a distraction.
And then to provide us with "a new look" he popped into another nearby tree and gave us the chance to show you a different view.
That was just a great experiencewith another 15 minutes consumed. Cruising thorough one of my high percentage GGO area's Jamie spotted a "bird" on the tree line. This is the first North American GGO for Ignacio. We spent 10 minutes with this beatiful bird before heading off for horses. Here is a shot of Ignacio and Jamie capturing their images.
We had some ground still to cover before we would have a chance of finding horses so we got back on the road. Just over an hour later we found this beauty all by itself, next to the road.
Here it is as it climbed a sharp hillside, working all four legs a great view.
I'll wrap this post up here, and post a second group of photos that will cover the balance of the day!

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