Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Blue Jays, Pheasants, Doves (20131004) Resting up at Brother Len's

It seemed that as folks left the Wedding locale they had to spend a couple of days of winddown at Len's, we were no different, besides he has Blue Jays and Pheasants who wouldn't want to stay for a day or two? Len has feeding these birds(Blue Jays) all summer and as a result they are a little more tolerant of having people around, the fact that there are actually 10 or 12 birds constantly feeding doesn't hurt
With a little warning, Len had set up the two hunting blinds and we were able to shoot to our hearts content.
These birds have such a beautiful set of different blue colours that they are mesmerizing targets.
Along with these great birds, there were about 25 Mourning Doves in the area, and when things were quiet they would pop in for a little food as well.
Of course the real prize here are the Pheasants! I haven't had a lot of luck in capturing shots in Nova Scotia, but I never give up. Here is a shot of the only rooster to come to visit that we saw. I love his purple hue.
The Blues and greens of this fella's head along with his reds are just outstanding, along with his bronze chest.
He did come out to the edge of the woods and walked by on the grass, but he wouldn't step out into the sun, that would have been spectacular.
Len has a gem of a spot here, and even he gets a surprize every now and then, I grabbed a shot of a short term visitor in this juvenile Yellowbellied Sapsucker. Like the Creepers if you are not watching, they can sneak right on by you.
The second surprize of the day was when we took a little break and found this little Garter Snake out the road in front of house while speaking with a neighbour. You just always have to have your camera with you.
I'll wrap this post up here, with what I would consider a very successful and entertaining day.
Come on out to Calgary and we can do a "track" together.

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