Thursday, 31 October 2013

Red Breasted Nuthatch, Chickadee, Coopers Hawk (20131031) Sunday walk today.

As I may not be out this weekend, I decided to attend the weekly walk this morning. The conditions were less than ideal with a brisk 30 kph wind so creatures were not cooperative. But the smaller birds were still around, like this female Downey woodpecker.
As it is Halloween I thought I better rhow in the shot of the "scary" character for these small birds a Cooper Hawk. Sorry for the poor quality, but an evidence shot.
As we headed back we were able to find some Chickadees with some great light.
There were also a couple of Red Breasted Nuthatches. It is nice to catch them in the trees.
Ijust love Canada's bird, and the conditions today made taking shots easy.
Here is a pair of shots of a Red Breasted first selecting a seed, weighing it,
And then deciding that it is too light, and discards it.
This was pretty much our excitement for the day, it was a super day for a walk.  Have a super wildlife Halloween:)

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